Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here and now

I spent most of the day yesterday wandering by myself through Castlewood, stopping to read and swim in the river, or just to reflect. Distractions come and go, but my mind is not attaching to them anymore...its not fighting them. They just are, and then they pass...and my mind is still in the moment. That is my goal this week, to keep myself in the moment as much as possible. In the moment there is nothing left to do, nothing left to pursue. When I am assaulted by sadness or anger, I am trying not to resist it now. The spirit of the thing, whether it is negative positive or indifferent, simply wants to be heard. When I let them pass the discord that their presence causes is only temporary, and my spirit remains unmoved. If I fight then that conflict, that turbulence spreads through my mind and body like a cancer and the reverberations shake my foundation. My mind will remain clear for the fight if I can just keep myself firmly grounded in the single purpose of the present moment. When the moment and I merge, the thoughts of victory and defeat vanish...and the spirit of the thing itself is revealed.

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