Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Night

The time is drawing nearer...I feel that intense focus starting to take hold, that familiar pull, like there's someone hidden in the shadows, tugging ever so subtly at the corner of my being. All of the chaos, both external and internal, swirls ferociously on the perimeter, but I have entered into the eye of the cyclone. It is this place where all falls silent. Everything is slowing down, time begins to distort. The moments stand out in crystal clarity, every sense is heightened, words and language, thoughts and conceptions shift to another region as I look on them from the outside. That 'I' that I know is growing sleepy, but another 'I' is stirring from its slumber. As the day must inevitably grow weary and succumb to the night's velvet lullaby, so must my sleepy self rest...and give into the night...

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